Client onboarding is an afterthought until it becomes a bottleneck.

Don’t Complete, Specialize — By Ed Orozco

Designing better experiences by understanding how we see the world.

Close up of a human eye looking upwards.
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The definition of contrast

You should be paying for business outcomes instead.

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The value of design can’t be quantified in hours.

Time ≠ value

It’s a robust design practice that reflects human perception.

A image that displays the word “minimalism” as a trademark.

What makes a product useful?

Why in-depth knowledge of your customers and a solid long-term vision are the foundation of a design strategy.

Ed Orozco and Jinny Oh conducting a design strategy session in LA 2019. Photo by the author.

Ed Orozco

I Help Design Teams Grow Through UX Strategy, DesignOps, & Business Development.

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